🅱️ (₿) Bitcoin EMA300, since Apr 2020 + (name your altcoin) for BITFINEX: BTCUSD by AlanSantana – Technische Analyze – 2023-02-02 06:18:35

number the sound Here in this exchange that bitcoin It keeps moving up, daily.

number the sound Because there are no sellers.
number the sound Because there is no pressure, it lights up.

Slow and steady growth indicates vigor.

bitcoin It is moving above EMA300 today, after breaking out of a multi-year strong support/low for the first time since April 2020.

This signal must be confirmed because the day is small and this action has just begun.

We would need at least a 3-5 session close above the gray EMA300 line to confirm, but there is more…wait.

Here’s how to avoid the “waiting for confirmation” trap.

We were waiting for one rising outbreaks for several months.
We have been expecting significant growth for a long time.

Whenever your initial bias is confirmed, that’s confirmation enough.

If you are rising before the outbreak and rising Volcano eruption, that’s your confirmation.

However, additional confirmation can be used for different types of trading styles and we mention them here just to replicate what others are repeating but… wait.
Doesn’t help anyone… Let’s continue.

I had great feedback from one of our supporters who said the content and information I share really helps him grow… Wow, thanks, that’s awesome. It’s a massive job.

I get more resistance bitcoin On the road! 😀🤣

We keep winning but once you win the excitement is gone…

All that remains now is to name your Altcoin.

Name your favorite altcoin pair or a pair you are interested in and I will search for it and post a trade idea translating what I see coming from the chart.

  • We do 10 first.
  • If enough people participate, we make another 10 people (20 in total).
  • If enough people comment and share, we’ll earn another 10 (30 total)…
  • If enough people increase, follow and comment, we’ll make another 20…
  • So we get to a total of 50 altcoins.

I can share 10 trade ideas per day, so we can do 50 in 5 days.
If you’re out of inspiration, tired, or whatever… it might take 6-8 days but we can do it easily.

I have already shared many altcoins with you and they are doing great.

Now… what is your favorite altcoin pair?

You can also ask exactly what you’re looking for… long term potential? trading setup? Multiple timeframes, confirmation of something?

Just let me know.

I will randomly pick but if we can get to 50 it will be enough for everyone.


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