BTCUSD By Dexter_The_Trader – Technische Analyze – 2023-02-02 07:46:48

Hello traders, I hope you are all doing well.

In this update I will answer all your doubts regarding bitcoin . Of all the direct messages, I have prepared three questions, 1) Where BTC Coming next? 2) When will we see an upward movement in the market? and 3) what is Support and resistance for bitcoin?

Before we begin, let me clarify that this update is based on my analysis and research. So do your research before investing.

yes, BTC It showed some impressive moves last January and is still holding steady at the $23K level. So far the market has performed well and we can expect more positive gains in the coming days.

1. Where BTC Coming next?
Answer: If you check daily timeframe Then I noticed it BTC It has broken above the resistance trend line. And in this Weekly timeframe And BTC It has not yet reached the $25,000 resistance. So, most likely, BTC You should hit the $25,000 target after that.

2. When will we see an upward movement in the market?
Answer: According to this week’s conversation, BTC Already in an uptrend and if the bulls go our way we will see a new all time high by February to April 2024 at the latest BTC .

3. What is it Support and resistance for bitcoin?
Answer: There are currently two areas of support BTC , $18k to $19k and $16k. Also, we have resistance at $25,000 which is crucial BTC to break to continue rising higher.

conclusion: BTC It must breach the $25,000 resistance level to continue this bullish trend. We may see some corrections in between and I’ll take it to build up more BTC And other major currencies. BTC I’ve done it before and BTC You will do it again, so keep believing and keep improving.

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