🔥 This resistance prevents Bitcoin from exiting for BINANCE: BTCUSDT by FieryTrading – Technical Analysis – 2023-02-03 13:50:48

since then BTC It reached ~23,000 USD, and we mainly traded sideways. But we keep hitting new heights, which is okay rising in my eyes.

Unfortunately, new highs sell out quickly when they hit the purple resistance. This resistance is the number 1 he keeps BTC from the next stage.

After yesterday’s massive move, we can see that BTC It bounced back off said resistance. Correction was justified after the move. However, I expect the price to test the higher resistance sooner rather than later.

Ideally, we will get a strong breakout accompanied by a retest of resistance as support.

If we go below $22,700 in the next few days, I would be concerned.

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