Please curb your Bitcoin enthusiasm. For Base Coin: BTCUSD By Paul_Varcoe – Technical Analysis – 2023-02-03 15:40:51

At present, there are many Internet “gurus” talking nonsense.

The man in the photo is just an example.

More than 500,000 subscribers will know BITSTAMP: BTCUSD It will be $50,000 in the next 3-4 months and buy this after that rally.

They all tell you exactly what you want to hear.

When the price was $18,000 they said the price was over bitcoin .

They are primarily marketers, not merchants. They market to Buybit or Bitget or whoever. They make a lot of money when someone like you deposits money into the exchange account.

Now let’s move on to the logic:

Look at the graph, especially at amount which tells a story brought to light. There is also a psychological history. Many of you are sick of the nasty red bags from the recent merger of about $30,000. You want to get there so you can get out. PSA: That’s why you won’t get there this time. Maybe next time, maybe after you give up and sell your position after the next drop. All the price did was break through a succession of stop-loss levels to take out short positions that were sold lower, believing the negative press and chatter from the same people who are now saying it’s going up.

I expect another one to appear to the next level north of $25,000, and then a slow breakdown as you buy every dip.

Patience is a virtue. It’s hard to be patient I know. Wait, that’s a monthly structure and it’s still the beginning of the buildup, not the end. We’ll let you know when we think it’s over.

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