The case of Craig Wright v. Bitcoin Developers is on its way to a full trial

Tulip Trading – a Seychelles-based company founded by Craig Wright – has successfully taken its case against several bitcoin developers to trial in the UK.

Wright claims that these developers owe a “duty of trust” or “duty of care” to the police and control of the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin developer obligations

the dominantReleased on February 3, marks Tulip’s successful appeal to the UK Court of Appeal to overturn a previously rejected decision in March 2022.

Initially, a judge found Tulip guilty of her allegations, arguing that “there was no realistic prospect of proving that the facts being defended constituted an offence.”

of a fiduciary duty or indemnity owed by the defendants to Tulip.” Among the 16 named defendants were Vladimir Jasper van der Laan, former lead maintainer of Bitcoin Core, “Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver, and the Bitcoin Association for BSV.

When the court overturned the ruling on Friday, it decided that Tulip’s allegations represented a “serious matter to be prosecuted” rather than “a fanciful prospect of success.” A full trial is now expected in London early next year.

As stated in court documents, Tulip had four main grounds to appeal her case. These facts included that the case concerned an evolving area of ​​the law and that the judge was wrong in assuming that Tulip had no real prospect of proving her claims.

According to Lord Justice Popplewell, Lewisohn and Pearce, liability in this case can only be determined “once the facts are established” and that consideration of the Tulip case undisputed requires the presumption of some facts in favor of the developers that are “disputed and which cannot be as such”.

“If the decentralized governance of bitcoin is indeed a myth, then in my opinion there is much to be said for the provision that bitcoin developers, while working as developers, owe fiduciary duties to the true owners of that property,” they concluded.

Who is Craig Wright?

Craig Wright brands himself as the pseudonymous Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto and has filed multiple lawsuits against those who mock him as a liar for making these claims.

he Lost One such trial was against notorious Twiter Bitcoiner Hodlonaut in October when a Norwegian judge declared that the latter had sufficient grounds to call Wright a “swindler” and a “swindler.” After the verdict, whistleblower Edward Snowden paid tribute Screamed Wright for being a liar.

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