Texas BTC Miners Face More Problems After Another Storm Hits State: Report

Bitcoin miners in Texas are said to have experienced severe disruptions to their operations due to a blizzard that hit the area.

Severe weather forced them to shut down their appliances to preserve the local power grid.

The cold winter in Texas caught crypto miners by surprise

like mentioned By Bloomberg An ice storm in the Lone Star State has damaged some of the equipment of the original Bitcoin miners. Electricity consumption increased dramatically due to the low temperatures, and these companies had to temporarily shut down their businesses to protect the power grid.

The weather is still surprisingly cold in Texas, and authorities have forced outages in some areas. Can Zhao – CMO at JDK Capital – explained how this affected his company:

“The duration of the restrictions is about six hours a day, starting on Monday. We see a 25% loss in computing power compared to a normal day for the site.”

The hardest hit units are mobile miners, Lee Bratcher — president of the Texas Blockchain Council — said, “many of which are not designed to be winter storm-proof.”

Texas suffered another blizzard near Christmas. One of the leading BTC miners in the region — Argo Blockchain — said weather conditions had significantly reduced its production power. the broken Only 147 bitcoins in December, compared to 198 bitcoins in November.

Summer can also be dangerous

Operations of Argo Blockchain, Riot Blockchain, and several other miners in Texas also ceased operations last summer, when a heat wave hit the state with temperatures above 40 degrees (C).

Bratcher revealed that more than 1,000 megawatts of bitcoin mining load have been shut down to provide power to the power grid.

“This represents virtually all industrial-scale bitcoin mining in Texas and allows more than 1% of the network’s total capacity to be pushed into the network for business and commercial use,” he explained.

Despite the bad weather, the state (with its friendly legislation and low electricity costs) has emerged as one of the centers of cryptocurrency mining in America.

like encrypted potatoes previously mentionedSome Chinese miners have even considered moving their companies to the region due to the harsh environment in their homeland.

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