MetaPlayerOne Open NFT Drop Whitelist from Nakamoto Investment Club and

Web3 social networking platform MetaPlayerOne (MP1) It hosts the Nakamoto Investment Club and an exclusive NFT collection for Web3-based predictions and fantasy football games 5tars will be released on MP1 On February 11, 2023.

The whitelist is open MP1 The platform and whitelists will be able to mint 5tars NFT at a special price of 0.15 Eth on February 10th. Contract holders from specific communities such as Messi Time Machine Collection, Football Ape Fan Club, Cool Cats Football, Sorare Collection, MetaSkynet Shard Crystal and MetaUnit Token are also included in the Gold List and will be able to generate 5tar NFT stacks at a special price of 0.14Eth. is an exciting new Web3 fantasy soccer game that takes casual gaming to another level. It allows players to compete in arenas with other fans around the world, predict results and win big prizes! It also helps boost your game with NFTs and allows you to trade NFTs with other players in the market.

The release of NFT on MP1 will be a unique combination of super packs consisting of football club albums and football players NFT cards that will increase your chances of predictions. Super cards give players access to all events as arenas on this platform can only be accessed through NFT cards of players participating in the game.

For example, fans connect to the football match arena on the platform during a live football match, like a mouth-watering contest between Barcelona and Real Madrid. They have to use the NFT cards of the soccer players who are part of the opposing teams to make predictions during the match and earn points. The NFT cards for 5Tars are cards from an individual soccer player, each NFT card is a pass to enter the arena and helps multiply the winnings.

These collected points can then be redeemed for exciting rewards. 5Tars has partnered with global gift solutions provider through which players can redeem their points for a global range of products that can be redeemed across currencies and borders (around 80 countries covered).

There are no losers at Players do not lose money if their predictions are not perfect. Players with the most predictions get more points and are the winners in that arena. Other players can also collect points.

The online gaming industry is expected to grow to $321 billion by 2026, at a compound annual growth rate of 8.5%. Within this massive industry is the thriving fantasy football game market, which is growing rapidly with millions of players participating in leagues and tournaments all over the world and growing at a compound annual growth rate of approximately 15%. Several factors, including the growing popularity of soccer as a sport, the rise of online gaming platforms and the growing number of fantasy football apps and websites are driving the growth of the industry.

The fantasy football games market is expected to grow as more people become interested in the sport and advances in technology.

While the current market is focused on Web2 technologies, brings all the fun and excitement of fantasy football gaming into the Web3 space, providing unlimited monetization opportunities for players and fans in a fully decentralized environment. we change the rules of the game,said Borja Borguillos, Founder and CEO of

We are proud to host the NFT drop of 5Tars. 5Tars and MP1 align with the common principles of the Web3 revolution, and we believe that this space, if thoroughly explored, can open up virtually unlimited opportunities for all stakeholders.said Enzo Amor, 1x contributor to MetaPlayerOne. MP1 also plans to host many more exciting NFT drops in the coming months.

For more information visit alpha. Metaplayerone. app

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