Report: WeTransfer Enters NFT Industry Via Minimalist Partnership

WeTransfer, a freemium sample file-sharing platform, has moved to Web3 with a recently announced partnership with Minima that would allow users to create and send NFTs from their phones.

Creativity and integrity

According to Damien Bradfield, Creative Director at WeTransfer, the decision to partner with Minima came about because of Align’s vision and target market.

“We are excited to be working with Minima, whose vision aligns closely with our vision of seamlessly connecting people and facilitating innovation and creativity without sacrificing privacy.”

WeTransfer, which allows downloading large files without having to create an account to receive the files being sent, certainly has an infrastructure that allows for relatively easy integration with the privacy that blockchain users get who benefits from it.

Launching soon

The other half of the partnership, Minima, is a group of developers that have produced an abstract Layer-1 blockchain intended to run exclusively on mobile devices.

To run a node, a Minima user just needs to download the blockchain app and let it run in the background. Minima Coin, a blockchain proprietary token, may be the chosen payment method for the NFT transactions to be carried out due to the partnership.

According to Hugo Feiler, CEO of Minima, this collaboration will enable his project to gain a foothold in the digital art industry from the very beginning, attracting NFT artists who will be able to collect royalties on digital artwork sold through Minima for as long as they want.

As a partnership, we look forward to supporting the development and acceleration of creativity in the digital age where people retain ownership and control over their work. This partnership will explore the practical use of NFT technology, something that will not only be of interest to the crypto industry, but will be a test case to demonstrate the broader usability of this innovative digital tool. “

The Minima blockchain — presumably an NFT capability developed alongside WeTransfer — will launch later this month. The application, which allows users to run their own Minima node, will be available for download in more than 180 countries, along with other hosting providers such as Google and AWS to enable blockchain-based operations on cloud storage.

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