TRZ The currency that revolutionized the sector…

Trazable, the Spanish company that raised over €3 million in its ICO launch Opticus, the second tool for its TRZ coin After the positive reception of Origin, the first utility of the token.

What is Opticus? The second tool for the TRZ token

Just a few months after releasing its first coin-op utility, Trazable has decided to kick off 2023 in a big way: by revealing a new Opticus tool to its community.

Opticus is Trazable’s new OCR This will allow companies to convert all their paper documents into digital, and get editable documents as the end result.
OCR in Spanish, OCRis a text recognition program that extracts the text it contains from an image and converts it into character strings for saving in a format that can be used in text editors.

Opticus mainly targets companies operating in the food sector, Locally and globally, but it can also be used by companies and organizations of any sector, since its functionality is beneficial to all companies in the process of digitization.

90% of companies and organizations (from SMEs to large companies) in the food sector are still working on paper documents instead of speeding up their work thanks to technological tools.

Thanks to Opticus and Trazable, they’ll have a digitization process twice as easy.

How Trazable has managed to bring food companies closer to cryptocurrency with its profits

Last summer, Trazable launched Origin, a tool that allows food companies to connect with consumers and establish a close, trusted relationship thanks to the generation of product stories.

Thanks to these two facilities, Trazable has been able to bring small, medium and large companies in the food sector closer to the world of cryptocurrency.

To access the annotated tools, companies are required to obtain a TRZ token and have 10,000 TRZ.

Traceable Feedback The feedback from the companies is entirely positiveeven if they do not have knowledge of the blockchain and tokens, before interacting with TRZ.

Origin, the tool that allows consumers to discover the origin of what they eat

The first utility for TRZ is called Origin. Businesses using the service can generate QR codes even if they have not contracted Trazable smart software with blockchain technology and establish a relationship of trust with their customers.

With Origin they have the ability to share their product story from field to field with consumers.

Find out more about TRZ Token Utilities at TRZ website.

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