Which installation follows the trend? 📈 for WHITEBIT: BTCUSDT by TheSignalyst – Technische Analysis – 2023-02-07 21:43:15

Hello TradingView family / fellow traders. This is Richard, aka TheSignalyst.

On H4: left graph
As per my last thought, we know BTC Stuck in a range in the form of a flat spike Wedge breadth pattern in red.

since BTC Now we are getting close to the lower boundary (red trendline) we will be looking for trend-following buy groups.

On H1: Correct diagram
After rejecting the upper red trend line and breaking below the gray bottom, BTC He was bearish Correction phase formation inside orange channel.

🏹 For the bulls to take over, And start the next one rising Motivation, we need a break on the last big rally orange .

while, BTC It is still possible to trade lower. And if we break below the red H4 level, we would expect more bearish Movement to green demand area about 21,000

📚Always follow your trading plan regarding entry, risk management and trade management.

good luck!

All strategies are good. If managed properly!
~ rich

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