Cardano launches EVM-compliant public Testnet Sidechain

Input Output Global (IOG), the organization behind the Cardano blockchain, has launched a public testnet for a sidechain compatible Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

The launch follows the announcement last month of the launch of a new toolkit for developers to publish custom sidechains on the Cardano network.

A proof-of-concept EVM guide

according to Official tweet From IOG, the test network will be available for a short time and is regularly modified during the beta phase.

Users can test token transfers between test environments, connect their wallets, deploy smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps). Developers and SPOs are encouraged to participate and experiment on the platform.

‚ÄúThis proof of concept test network is temporary and will be resumed regularly during the pilot phase. Ultimately, you’re meant to be a resource for the community and we encourage developers and SPOs to get involved and collaborate,” says IOG.

like mentioned past encrypted potatoes, the previously released toolbox will allow sidechains to obtain consensus algorithms and functions. It will be connected to Cardano’s root chain through a bridge that will enable cross-chain transfers. Block finality will also be ensured by main chain consensus mechanisms.

Currently, smart contracts to be deployed can only be written in Solidity. IOG intends to explore other technology variants for more widespread use with other networks. The toolbox is designed to empower developers, giving them the freedom to build on their native languages.

With the testnet, IOG plans to explore expanding Cardano to multiple communities while ensuring that the network’s security features remain in place. The organization intends to work with the Cardano community to gather feedback and improve the solution.

Cardano is getting stronger

Over time, Cardano has proven to be an innovative platform in the blockchain industry. Since its launch, the network has focused on building and launching new concepts relevant to the growth and adoption of crypto.

encrypted potatoes mentioned Last month, Cardano, along with Ethereum, emerged as the blockchain with the most active developers in 2022. Cardano alone averaged 151 developers per day last year.

Cardano came about after launching the EVM-compatible public Testnet Sidechain on CryptoPotato.

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