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In 2019, we launched the first Masters in Crypto Asset Valuation to be able to give insight into how we value what we consider to be one of the greatest value innovations in the history of the markets. At that time, the public opinion of the market was at least a completely speculative phenomenon. The market at that time captured about 150 billion, and reached more than 3 trillion in the following years. This was the program in 2019.

The Roble Venture Capital Strategy was launched in 2019 according to this type of criteria when selecting assets. Profitability at the moment, even at this moment of the bear market of 550%, has been to exceed 1000% returns

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In 2023 with a huge market downturn, it reached 800 billion billion minimum. It is a more mature market, and the different valuation models for these crypto assets have deepened considerably. It’s time to help create the first generation of crypto asset valuation experts to be implemented by Crypto Plaza. It’s time to create a certificate and create your first promotion with the necessary knowledge so that we can assess the opportunity that the market will offer us in the coming years. A training is included within the CRYPTO PLAZA membership which will have an exam at the end of April with work handed over. Do you want to belong to the first promotion? Become a member of CRYPTO PLAZA and you will have access to this test in April.

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