Musk’s company has restricted the use of Starlink to control drones in Ukraine

SpaceX has limited the Ukrainian military’s ability to use Starlink satellite internet to control drones in a combat zone.

This was stated by the President of SpaceX, Gwen Shotwell.

It said SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet “wasn’t intended to be weaponized.”

“However, it was used unintentionally by the Ukrainians and was not part of any agreement.”She said at a conference in Washington.

Speaking to reporters later, Shotwell referred to reports that the Ukrainian military was using Starlink to control the drones.

“There are things we can do to limit their ability to do this. There are things we can do that we have done.”She said.

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As of January, according to the Ministry of Digital, about 30,000 Starlinks are operating in Ukraine. The Ministry claims that during the total war, Ukraine has become one of the countries with the largest number of such stations.

Critical facilities, such as hospitals, are equipped with satellite internet terminals. However, Starlink terminals also provide wireless internet to the Ukrainian military in places where it is not available. Therefore, the defense forces can deliver precision strikes on Russian forces and control the drones.

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