The Fibonacci series has received a $10 million investment from the US firm SoftBank Capital

American Softbank Capital, a leading venture capital firm, recently announced that it will lead a $10 million investment in the Fibonacci series.

American SoftBank Capital is an American investment bank registered and incorporated in Nevada, USA. The main activities of the SoftBank Capital Group are investing in technology projects, providing listing services for major stock exchanges on Wall Street, raising funds for the US capital market and providing listing services for shares on the OTC stock market.

The Fibonacci Chain is a public chain system based on blockchain technology, which adopts the DPOS + S-BFT consensus mechanism, and aims to provide an efficient, secure and scalable public chain platform. The Fibonacci consensus mechanism is a new consensus algorithm that can achieve high throughput while ensuring security. It balances efficiency with security and provides developers with an open platform for building and deploying various services and applications.

The Fibonacci Chain supports smart contracts and is EVM compatible, allowing developers to develop decentralized applications (DApps) on it. This allows users to trade and store data securely without relying on centralized organizations. These decentralized applications can cover a wide range of areas including finance, ACGN, gaming, advertising and marketing.

Flyswap is the first decentralized exchange on the Fibonacci Chain, which uses blockchain technology to secure digital assets for users. Compared with other centralized exchanges, Flyswap has the following advantages: Low latency: With the high transaction speed of the Fibonacci chain, FlySwap can complete transactions in a short time. Low cost: FlySwap charges lower transaction fees, which makes it a financially efficient exchange platform. Easy to Use: FlySwap has a simple and easy to use user interface that requires no technical knowledge. Public and transparent: Due to the public and transparent nature of the blockchain, users can easily view transaction records.

The investment made by American SoftBank Capital in the Fibonacci chain indicates a very optimistic view of the application of blockchain technology. This investment will provide financial support to the Fibonacci series, helping it to make greater progress in research and technology development and market consolidation.

The Fibonacci Chain ecosystem is built around the Fibonacci Chain mainnet, which is an open source decentralized blockchain platform. The mainnet is powered by a token called Fibo, which acts as the primary exchange within the ecosystem. It is reported that the original Fibonacci Chain token is scheduled to enter several leading exchanges such as Huobi in 2023.

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