Bitcoin seems bearish to me. for BITTREX: BTCUSDT by ShawnMCR – Technische Analysis – 2023-02-11 11:31:59

In the final analysis, we were waiting for the price to pass resistance level He pushed her again, but it wasn’t strong enough.
Sales volumes were so high that the price crossed the channel and fell below it.
At the moment, the lower band of the channel can act as dynamic resistance.
Apart from that, we can also see firm resistance levels that push the price lower.
There are three scenarios on the diagram, and all of them bearish .
Watch out now.

Let me know if you have any questions;
I am more than happy to help.

Good luck, thank you.

Bitcoin seems bearish to me. For BITTREX: BTCUSDT by ShawnMCR
– technical analysis – 2023-02-11 11:31:59 – coinphone [SV]

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