BTCUSDT By CryptoCheck- – Technische Analyze – 2023-03-18 19:44:51

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ive here. Cryptocurrency has been trading since 2017 and later it got into stocks. I have 3 board exams in financial markets and I studied economics from a 1 year undergraduate university.

With today’s three point analysis, bitcoin It seems rising From all points of view. From the trend line analysis, a weekly close above the spot price seems likely resistance area . from one candlestick In the analysis, we see a strong week for the bulls. Moreover, if we take a look at Bollinger Bands We see weekly candlesticks closing well above the BBands base, which indicates a rising to the market. And for a final conclusion, take a look at my favorite technical indicator – Phoenix Ascending. PA is indeed a good indicator for analytical analysis because it contains RSI And EMA momentum f lsma (which everyone points to rising printing press).

Although we are seeing consolidation below this area, in other words, we are trading sideways in a narrow range just below the turquoise resistance area which is still considered one rising Singing because it indicates the weakness of the bulls resistance area .


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BTCUSDT by CryptoCheck-
– technical analysis – 2023-03-18 19:44:51 – coinphone [SV]

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