Price may bounce off the resistance line and start falling for BINANCE: BNBUSDT by WalterMoon – Technische Analyze – 2023-03-18 16:05:13

Hey guys, this is my review of BNBUSDT Please check it out and write your feedback in the comments👊

inside of down channel The price rebounded from the $318.5 level and dropped to $286.5

Then Binance Coin started inside trading from the flat level and later dropped to the $265.0 support line.

After that, the price tried to rise, but it fell back to the support line and bounced immediately, giving a strong bullish impulse.

Binance Coin also broke the $283.5 level and started insider trading from wedge .

Recently, the price also breached the $318.5 level and is now trading near the resistance line.

I believe that Binance coin can correct this line and then start to decline.

The price is likely to drop to $318.5 support level .

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