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Anyone who uses a computer or phone, opens a browser and explores the World Wide Web is also quick to find digital marketing. It affects all of us, and there are few experts who know about it and visit it in the best possible way. And beware, these famous local and foreign digital marketers will be returning to Portoroz between May 17-18, 2022 – the largest regional conference on digital marketing in Orbit.

If you are not in Portoroz between May 17-18, 2022, you are not on the digital marketing map. inOrbit is a platform, community and tribe that offers participants the best experience in developing business strategy and gaining knowledge which is essential for the career and personal growth of each individual. It is something that you simply have to be a part of. If you want to create an area of ​​the digital market in the future or maybe already, book an appointment.

After a two-year break from face-to-face meetings, the beneficial effect of the sea and leisure in coastal Portorož will be the right combination of gaining new knowledge and skills. There is also an invaluable opportunity for networking, exchanges, and informal gatherings, which we’ve been sorely missing out on lately. Comfortable environment, intense days (three) and favorable marine climate will ensure the strengthening of old bonds and friendships and the creation of new ones. The inOrbit community is growing stronger as united by the bright future of the industry and, above all, a common language that looks digital and looks marketing. Few will understand, but the inObit community of the tribe also lives such a life.

2 + 1 day, 30 lectures, 30 lectures, 9 workshops

The mission of inOrbit is to enrich and improve the knowledge of digital marketing for Slovenian enthusiasts and professionals, so on Monday, May 16Guests inOrbit workshop dayHands-on digital marketing workshops taught by leading industry experts. The week then turns into a part of the conference, hosting 30 foreign and Slovenian lecturers, several lectures and two days of live social networking, where participants will present new and fresh ideas, tips and tricks to improve digital performance, improve and accelerate business results. growth companies.

The world’s best digital marketers come to you

The inOrbit conference will host two diverse lectures in parallel, one focused on acquiring strategic skills and the other aimed at deepening experience. With internationally renowned speakers, we will delve into current and exciting topics of digital marketing, such as the transition to Google Analytics 4, UI/UX design, content marketing, and brand marketing, and we will also discuss the current major trend of social networking, the TikTok platform.

He will be with us, among others Borna Virgy, a globally recognized expert in LinkedIn content solutions. Virji is the highest rated international keynote speaker, and is a regular guest at conferences such as AdWeek, DMEXCO, INBOUND and The Next Web Conference. The conference will focus on content solutions from a digital and content strategist perspective.

to Helmansa Arnotate Many would say OnlineMarkethink is top notch piracy growthAnd he says yes “Just make sure the company is getting the most out of its online presence with Google Analytics and some other data.” Hellemans’ highly practical lecture will be based on a comprehensive overview, and is suitable for anyone who wants in-depth knowledge in the field of analytics and SEO.

The (non) part of the conference will solve concrete challenges

However, andOrbit wouldn’t be a digital marketing conference if it wasn’t at least as special as the private industry itself. A large part of the conference will be a space for discussion and finding solutions to concrete challenges. The (non-)part of the conference is a format that will be allocated more time in the desire of the participants to identify the topic or challenge they are most interested in and most important in. Experts from individual fields will work with participants to find different solutions and options for dealing with challenges.

inOrbit will also take care of personal growth

The past two years have been marked by leaps into the unknown, both in business and in private, so it has become clearer than ever that personal growth is the basis for achieving one’s mission, and the progress of each individual and society. In addition to the basic building block for business success. The inOrbit conference is strongly involved in the wheels of social change, so the conference will also host lectures, workshops and activities on business and personal growth, which will empower individuals and introduce them to the tools of personal growth.

Kirsty HolesRoar founder! Coaching is one of the world’s leading motivational speakers. She founded her first company, a marketing agency, at the age of 26 and during that time collaborated with world-renowned clients such as Virgin Atalnic and IBM. She is a speaker who has filled the world’s largest arenas in more than 30 countries around the world, stand-up comedian who sold the show at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe and author of the successful business book The Future Is Freelance.

All this and more in Orbit.

Be a part of inOrbit, be part of a harmonious tribe working in its world and speaking your language, but don’t forget the stellar moments that light up even the toughest (business and private) moments. Once you are in Orbit, you are always in Orbit.

More information about the conference is available on the official website