Quick and easy order…

Do you have endless photos of unforgettable memories in your phone gallery and are you sorry that you didn’t see them again? You are in the right place! With the award-winning CEWE mobile app, you can order your photos in just a few moments – anywhere, anytime.

Requesting photos has never been so easy. Follow the steps below and enjoy your memories tangibly from 0.08€ onwards!

The CEWE app is available for both iOS and Android users. Visit the online Apple Store or Google Play and download the app. Then it creates a new user account and can start requesting images.

When you launch the app, you also choose a partner. If you want home delivery, choose CEWE. If you want to take pictures in person at our partner branches, you can choose from our partners: dm, Müller and E. Leclerc.

You can order many different CEWE picture products in the app. To order photos, find the photo category in the list. Below is a selection of photos from your gallery on your phone.

CEWE mobile app_apple

Once you choose the images you want to develop, the choice follows Size, aspect ratio, and image quantity.

The size of this tile is 10 x 15 cm. Also, be careful when choosing an aspect ratio. Classic Aspect Ratio means that all of your photos will be the same size and cropped to 10 x 15 cm, no matter what format they were taken in. “Original” means that the height of all photographs is maintained at 10cm and the length is adjusted depending on which side the photo was taken. So if you want to develop a longer panorama, you have to choose the ‘Original’ option.